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December 17th, 2003
10:41 pm


A Lass Wi' A Tocher
by Robert Burns

Awa' wi' your witchcraft o' Beauty's alarms,
The slender bit Beauty you grasp in your arms,
O, gie me the lass that has acres o' charms,
O, gie me the lass wi' the weel-stockit farms.

Chorus-Then hey, for a lass wi' a tocher,
Then hey, for a lass wi' a tocher;
Then hey, for a lass wi' a tocher;
The nice yellow guineas for me.

Your Beauty's a flower in the morning that blows,
And withers the faster, the faster it grows:
But the rapturous charm o' the bonie green knowes,
Ilk spring they're new deckit wi' bonie white yowes.
Then hey, for a lass, &c.

And e'en when this Beauty your bosom hath blest
The brightest o' Beauty may cloy when possess'd;
But the sweet, yellow darlings wi' Geordie impress'd,
The langer ye hae them, the mair they're carest.
Then hey, for a lass, &c.

I love Robert Burns... Anyhow with the New Year coming around, I have decided to post up my resolutions so that you can slap me if you see me contradicting them... Here we go:

These are written for me to read... so disreguard the "you" part

1) I always keep my main and primary resolution a secret... well.. to most people at least.

2)Turn back to God and buy a daily devotions book.. you have strayed quite a bit first semester.

3)Do not slut around at all.. Only hook up with girls that you would actually want a relationship with and are planning on pursuing a relationship with

and 4) Be nicer than you already are... even to people you dislike or who dislike you

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December 16th, 2003
11:20 pm


There's nothing like the satisfaction of studying 4 hours for a test you should have spent days studying for and still getting a good grade... Let's hope tomorrow is one of those days. I have much to learn in the ways of studying... It reminds me of a joke I saw on a poster once.

The Top Ten Reasons why I Procrastinate:


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December 13th, 2003
03:56 pm


Quizzila!!!! YEAH
Here we go

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December 12th, 2003
07:25 am


You have a dominant kiss- you take charge and make
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HAHAHAHAAHHA wouldn't it be my luck to get something with the word dominate in it???? DOMINATED!!! Booo Yah!

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07:13 am


Take 3
And as the night progressed... my literary talent regressed...

Have you ever met anyone that you thought was perfect? Perhaps it was his eyes, or her hair, or the way he winked or the way she tossed her head? Maybe it was something deeper than that. Perhaps you would go so far as to say it was his personality. The truth is that everyone has a separate set of guidelines that help them determine how “perfect” someone is. Just like God, we have our own criteria by which we judge people. For God, it is a concrete set of rules like the Ten Commandments or The Sermon on the Mount, but for us, it is much more random (Matthew 307).

We have all heard the original “I like a guy who is strong, smart, funny, interesting, handsome (continue here with a large list of impossible adjectives)…” Likewise, we have all heard people name very specific things which they do or do not find attractive. In the Exodus, God gave us his criteria. God wants a person who is honest, loyal, faithful, and helpful (not necessarily in that order) (Exodus 305).

On top of that, every organization also has a statement which they hope their members will follow. The one I am most personally familiar with is the Boy Scout Law, which outlines their view of a “perfect” young man. “A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.” Other organizations like Rotary International and the Salvation Army have their own mottos as well (i.e. the Rotary’s Four Way Test). Our university even has a set of guidelines known as the “mission statement.”

With all of these separate laws, commandments, and mottos we need to follow, who can help but wonder what perfection really is? After pondering this question for a very long time, I have finally come up with my answer: Perfection is subjective. Someone may be perfect to me, but that does not necessarily mean that the person will also be perfect to you. Likewise, a person who is perfect to God (although no one is perfect aside from Jesus due to Original Sin) may be boring in our eyes. So, why does our society have such a warped view of perfection?

After asking a friend of mine whether or not she has met someone who was perfect, she at first said no. However after a few moments of contemplation she came back to me with a new statement. This statement reinforced my original hypothesis that perfection is subjective. What she said was basically that, in her eyes, flaws can be sexy or “perfect,” even though no one else would think so. After having this epiphany, she ended up admitting that she may have actually met a perfect guy.

This discussion led me to wonder why certain women like the “bad guy,” the tough drug dealer bikers or Motown thugs. How could anyone view such an ill-willed person as perfect? If everyone kept consistent guidelines to perfection, life would be so much easier, so much more relaxed, so much more peaceful, and so much more fulfilling. We could meet every expectation by simply being the way we were raised to be.

Parents would pass the groundwork for perfection onto their children, and everyone would rub off on each other until eventually we would have a utopian society. What better place would there be to begin this compilation than the Bible? No killings, lying, stealing, coveting or hating are great grounds for a beginning. Add in the Scout Law and I couldn’t imagine a possible negative social scenario in the world.

Some people might argue that the world would be boring. I beg the differ. If everyone was friendly, then you could always go out and meet knew people. If you needed something to do, people would be glad to help you find some entertainment. Even if there was boredom, this world would be a lot better than the one we are living in. Kids could play outside without parents living in fear of abduction. I could walk down the street at midnight without looking over my shoulder. Men and women could be truly happy with their spouses, free of infidelity. Child abuse, world hunger, war: all gone. Why is it so hard to create such a nice atmosphere? Why don’t people just get over their petty dilemmas and unify?

The reason that people don’t jump into action to help others is because they are afraid that they will be taken advantage of. No one wants to be the fool who takes the first step only to fall through the floor into a pit of lava. How can we bring about a universal change or universal morality? We need to form a civil society.

As Elshtain wrote, “The essential social task of civil society – families, neighborhood life, and the web of religious, economic, educational, and civil associations – is to foster competence and character in individuals, build social trust, and help children become good people and good citizens (385).” Much like Elshtain’s seedbeds set fourth, we need to create a universal morality.

The number one place to begin forming a perfect society is within the family. Children look up to their parents as role models from the moment they are born, and for the first decade of a child’s life parents are more or less their sole influence. This first period of time is where parents truly need to teach their children to be good people. The children need to learn “honesty, trust, loyalty, cooperation. self-restraint, civility, compassion, personal responsibility, and respect for others (Elshtain 385).” This is an integral part of forming a universal morality.

Once these children have been taught the above traits, they need to have contact with other children who have been raised with the same values. Having the children realize that everyone is respectful and friendly is a major step in the evolution of our society. This realization will unlock, and in effect build up, the children’s confidence and trust, and likewise will have a large impact on their parents. Parents will begin to see exactly how great things are turning out, and will initiate conversation with other parents. Having their children in such a close proximity forming such strong and innocent relationships can only boost the parents’ trust in one another. Eventually, the children may actually rub off on their parents, which will make the success of this plan inevitable.

Stage three is allowing the children grow up together in a safe environment where they can further their knowledge through education and religion. As the parental role dies down, peer influence takes its spot on center stage. With the help of school, children will be able to better themselves and have a positive influence on one another. Learning things ranging from math to philosophy, we can implant a thirst for knowledge in the youth, a desire to learn more and become better people. Religion on the other hand will instill faith in children and show them how they should behave and love one another. If the children are never introduced to laziness, perhaps they will not derive that trait on their own. Once their higher education is completed, these new people will go their separate ways and maintain their friendly honest dispositions. Doctors will respect garbage men, and garbage men will not be jealous of the doctors. Everyone will be happy with one another and the world will be a safe place.

As time progresses it will eventually be time for these people to begin having their offspring, and in the same way that they were raised, so will their progeny be raised. The cycle will continue and eventually the change will be complete and we will have a universal morality. This morality will be based on religion and family values, and all problems will be overcome. Catastrophes will merely become obstacles and challenges will prevent the world from being a boring place. People will be glad to donate their extra money to help the starving because they actually would feel love and pity for every person.

Everyone would be altruistic and crime would be unheard of. If everyone was honest there would be no need for lying or cheating or infidelity or even war. Murdering would be out of the question because there would be no hate. Children could go to school and not have to worry about being bullied around, the conductive learning environment would greatly help our children to focus harder and have a better life. Girls and boys would get married as virgins and unwanted pregnancy would be but a thing of the past. Any problem you can name would in time be easily overcome. There would no longer be a need for a military, or even a president. People could govern themselves and band together to take care of their own problems. There would no longer be a need for a democracy.

This plan would work if everyone would follow through with it. The world would become a better place because of our doing! This is the only way for our world to change; we need to do it all at once. It’s all or nothing, so lets do it right. I’m ready, are you?

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02:26 am


How High?
Here's my second rendition... I hope you enjoy it even less than the first! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

I’m sure that at one point in your life you have been intimidated by a person’s size, especially their height. If someone tall is seen in the streets, everybody steers clear, “don’t mess with the big guy!” However, have you ever imagined what it is like to be extremely tall? Sure, it has its ups and downs, but after awhile you get tired of people asking which school’s basketball team you’re on or how tall your father or mother was. These are stereotypes that a tall person faces daily. If I had a quarter for every time a stereotypical tall person question was asked of me, I would be a millionaire.

Short people on the other hand tend to be less intimidating, and sometimes get picked on for their size. They are seen as the “underdogs” of society. Girls usually won’t go out with shorter guys, so there are many males in this category who are left single during certain points in their lives. Short people are sometimes stereotyped as “unnatural,” “not virile,” or “creepy,” and often are not even considered for professional sports like basketball, or football.

Short men are not the only people who are discriminated against. Short women have also long been the target of stereotyping. While tall women are stereotyped as strong and superior, short women are often seen as “cute” and “dainty.” They are almost seen as children and are expected to be submissive and harmless. It is an unexpected day when that nice little lady turns out to be one feisty cookie!

In contrast, a lot of the vehicles and consumer products of today cater to the “average person.” Due to this, it is nearly impossible for a tall person to go into a store and get pants that are the right size. Cars usually don’t give enough leg room for tall people, and certain short people can’t even reach the pedals or see over the steering wheel. Have you ever seen a 6’4” man in a sports car? They often look like the clown who always rides that tricycle at the circus.

Stature stereotypes greatly impact their victim’s self-esteem and self-image. Since there are so many stereotypes tossed upon extremely short or tall people, they are sometimes forced into thinking they are less than everyone else simply because they don’t meet up to the “standard.” In fact, it causes some short people develop a stereotypical short-person personality. We all have seen the shows where a short guy thinks he can take on a 6’6” body builder with ease. This is called the Napoleon Complex, and it is thrust upon short people subconsciously.

Tall people, on the other hand, usually will not so radically change their attitude. More than likely they end up being depressed or angry. Have you ever asked a tall person you didn’t know to grab something that’s high on a shelf? Or perhaps you’ve asked one of us to be your human periscope and look for something? I’m sure you wouldn’t ask a short person to pick up a quarter that rolled under a soda machine. These requests are asked of me constantly. Wouldn’t you feel alienated if you always had to stand in the back of photos?

People often say jestingly “Whoa! Stay a little bit away from me, you make me feel short!” It is in phrases like these that you see some truth. That comment did not originate out of nowhere. Even if that person was joking, in order to come up with a phrase like that, the person had to be thinking in his/her mind “Man, this guy is tall.” So I am tall… what’s the problem with that?

Although extremely tall or short people have it hard a lot of the time, there are also a lot of benefits. Much like white privilege or male privilege, there is also height privilege. It is never difficult for a guy like me to reach that top shelf item in the supermarket or hide things out normal people’s reach! Needless to say, short people can fit into small places and always find clothes at the store. They can drive all the sports cars they could ever want and have five times as much leg room in planes as they need (McIntosh 221-223).

However, it would be beneficial if companies stopped supporting these stereotypes and began making products for extremely tall or short people rather than excluding them. Granted it might cost them a pretty penny, but it would be worth it. What we all need to remember though is that these differences in height and size add diversity to the earth and inevitably keep us all from dying of boredom. What would the world be like if everyone was 5’8”?

Aside from the physical facet of being tall, there are also a lot of social-emotional expectations that are tossed upon us. People would be much more accepting if a short skinny man cried than an athletic giant. Why does our society place expectations on people because of the way we look? I am sure that in actuality short men and tall men cry equally, however if there were to be the two men crying, everyone would be more curious as to why the “big” guy was in tears.

On the same tone, tall men are “supposed” to be ruthless, domineering, powerful, and influential. It is expected that a tall man should be tough, and that his decisions should often go by unquestioned. It is this mentality that puts not only a large pressure on tall men, but a huge pressure on the short men who have to live with the reputation of being quite the opposite. When someone has a meeting with a business man or honcho of a large company, no one expects to see a small man. Small men just don’t do that kind of stuff. They should all be riding horses and creating toys for Santa, right?

The truth is that every man has his own emotions. Every boy is raised under the same pressures from society and deserves to be treated equally regardless of their height or appearance (Pollack 281-282). People need to be more aware of the effects they have on people. Every time you stereotype someone you are alienating them, how would you like to be alienated?

Aside from height, the second major physique discrimination is based on weight. Fat people are automatically assumed lazy and skinny people are considered malnourished. People automatically assume that obese people are overweight because they eat too much, when it can actually be a genetic problem. I can’t even begin to pretend I understand what it is like to be fat. Imagine children staring and laughing at you wherever you go or not being able to fit in a movie theater seat. How could somebody laugh at something like that with no regard to the persons feelings?

I had an aunt who weighed over 400 pounds, and when I would walk around with her, I was disgusted by the reactions that people would have to her. People would blatantly stare and children would sometimes even point. You would imagine that people would have more class, but they don’t. I knew that I wasn’t the only person seeing the reactions of the people around us; my aunt knew exactly what was going on… she wasn’t oblivious. Could you imagine the embarrassment she must have felt having her nephew see all of this? Ever since I had this experience when I was 12, I have tried not to discriminate people based on their size. No one deserves to be treated like such an outcast... no one.

Another classic example is discrimination based on hair color. Blonde haired people are often considered stupid. After entering the words “blonde jokes” into an internet search engine, I was surprised to see that the engine turned up 1.5 million results. After perusing a couple of the sites, I was able to see that some of the jokes were actually pretty harsh. Did you know it takes longer to build a blonde snowman because you have to hollow out its head? Aside from personally being offended by blonde jokes (as a child I was very blonde), this is by far one of the most ridiculous stereotypes out there. The truth is that some people actually think that blonde people are mentally inferior.

Imagine going into a store and having the clerk speak to you condescendingly merely because you are a short blonde woman. Wouldn’t such ignorance make you just want to walk out of the store? People need to understand that these stereotypes are unwarranted and ignorant. Society needs to wake up and become more aware of exactly what they are doing. They are alienating large groups of people based on physical traits; how is this in any way logical?

The next time you see someone who fits one of these categories; consciously observe what you think about them. Do not eat the stereotypes that your mind feeds you, resist. Realize that each person you see is an individual. That blonde haired lady could be a genius, and that tall man would also cry if his father died. Don’t expect someone to act a certain way based on their physical traits. If everyone could just meet each other with open minds, then there would be no stereotyping. People would be allowed to make their own impressions. As the cliché goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

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12:53 am


Life Philosophy
I give much respect to anyone who can read this whole thing.... I dont even think I could do it!

Adolf Hitler is a name that conjures hatred and terror in many. Why? We all know that his ruthless passion for destruction led to the ethnical cleansing of six million Jews in death camps. We also know that Hitler had an ultimate plan of biological “cleansing” which would inevitably lead to the creation of a superior race. That’s right; we are talking about the tall, white, blue-eyed people with light colored hair. What makes Hitler especially scary is the fact that he almost succeeded in his endeavor.

Life is too short to accomplish everything that you desire, which is why people put so much emphasis on their children. What is lineage but one giant life carried on throughout time? The purpose of life is to create offspring, and more importantly, to create the best possible offspring that you can. Our lineage is a timeline of similar genetic coding intertwining itself into an eventual sphere. What does this sphere represent? Perfection. The ultimate goal of humanity is not that different than Hitler’s. Whether we are doing it consciously or subconsciously, we are trying to create a supreme being, and our desire to do so is natural.

So what is the difference between Hitler’s Supreme Being and our own? Obviously people today (for the most part) are not participating in genocide to rid the world of an “inferior” race. Rather we are slowly enhancing traits that we find valuable in our society. In other words, while Hitler was working from the top down using his power to delegate exactly what a superior being was; we are working from the bottom up. Our method is much slower and we each have our own definitions of what makes the perfect person. As Rensberger said, “Mixing, migrating, adapting, emerging anew – we are all part of the great drama in which diversity is the key to long term survival (Rensberger 203).” Each of us molds our very own piece of clay. This clay is the beholder’s progeny.

Our life is dictated by how we want our children to be. Every person you date, you are looking at as a possible mate. The qualities you look for in another person are qualities that you would like your children to have. Think about it. Ideally, most people want a smart, funny, witty, attractive partner. Isn’t this exactly how you would want your child to be? Everyone wants a beautiful, smart, strong baby.

Romantic relationships are, in actuality, tests. We test people to see if we really would want our children to have certain traits. Some people may breed for athletic superiority or physical beauty while others may breed for intelligence or financial stability. We end up falling in love with the person that we think epitomizes the perfect human. Once this task is accomplished, our life’s purpose is to have offspring, and then to raise these children to the best of our ability.

Each generation is an attempt to better your family line. Whether or not you consciously are doing this, reproduction is the innate purpose of life. That’s why we, like any other animal, are created with the organs and instincts to reproduce. While animals are under constant pressure to selectively mate based on their changing environment, our pressures are less obvious. We might be aiming to create a brilliant daughter to dominate our capitalistic society or a handsome athletic son to attract that brilliant daughter (or vice versa). Throughout your life you encounter many situations. You make many decisions which better your current situation. If you think about it, everything that benefits you in turn benefits your children. Every relationship you create, every piece of knowledge you learn in school, it all affects your image of the perfect mate, and dictates which person you end up spending your life with.

This explains why parents get so angry at their children for acting wrong. Parents want children that they can be proud of, children who will be successful. When a child is sad, the parent is sad; parents usually resonate with their children. With such a shared emotional track, it is no wonder that there are so many family traditions. Parents want their children to carry on certain traits that they feel create a better person. Family tradition is a very sentimental aspect which binds a family.

A major family tradition is religion. Is religion a large part of this philosophy? Absolutely. Religion gives us the morals and devotion that we need to become better people. More importantly it gives us an idea of what a supreme being is, and how we should strive to become the best. Different religions suggest different behaviors, but this basic guideline is a very important aspect that guides us along our path. We have all heard about children who convert, or become atheists. Parents often frown upon such large changes, because it puts such a major shift on the flow of life.

Likewise parents are very defensive of their children and try to influence their offspring as to who the child should like or dislike. Your parents are usually your largest influence, and during your development, they play a large role in molding your views of other people. To this day parental consent is often sought before a marriage proposal is given. In addition, many children have been disowned because they married outside of family tradition. This is because the parents are afraid of how the offspring will turn out, and do not want to face such a failure or disappointment. Of course the person who married outside of family tradition is simply attempting to get the best possible counterpart for their offspring.

Every parent wants their child to be the best. They brainwash their children to think they are the best, much like Hitler brainwashed the German population in the 1930’s. Of course parents don’t blatantly tell their child that he/she is a supreme being, and it’s not based on race, but it is the same idea. We have all heard our parents tell us “you can do better,” or “stay away from those boys, they would bring you down.”

Mothers often enter an underground battle of bragging to bring their child up in the ranks of the community. For example, they talk to other parents about grades, or how well little Samantha did at her softball tournament. They might call it “small talk,” but don’t be fooled! Fathers also usually tell other fathers about absolutely everything that their children do. Having a father who is a dentist and creates “small talk” all day, I have had people I didn’t even know come up and congratulate me for winning a recent judo tournament or doing well in school. Half of my island knows exactly where I am and what I am studying in college.

Aside from our immediate environment, there are many things that influence our perception of that perfect person, mainly media. We are constantly being barraged by commercials telling us what products to use to make ourselves more beautiful, or what pill to take to make us healthier. Both types appeal to our overall desire to be better than we already are. Want to be more intelligent? Easy! Just go down to your local health food store and buy some ginko baloba.

In movies, the heroes are usually portrayed as super-intelligent, often extremely athletic wonder men who can get into or out of just about any situation in seconds. Are these heroes ever stupid or obese? Only in comedies. Likewise if you go to an Abercrombie and Fitch Outlet you see giant pictures of models spanning across entire walls. Sometimes you will see a couple of models kissing in the picture. Forget about the clothes, or the products, or even the cool little bags they give you and focus on the models in those pictures. They are supposed to represent the perfect physique. Look at the men, half of them are on steroids and have enough makeup on to give Dame Edna a run for her money.

After you are done either gawking at or admiring the men, take a glance at one of the women. What are we doing to our society? What happened to the real good women? The women who were healthy and happy and actually weighed more than the poster their picture was on? Look at a Barbie doll for instance. We all have heard the story about how a Barbie doll, if transformed to life size, would be a seven foot tall woman who weighs less than one hundred and twenty pounds. Media and commercialism are giving us an impossible view of what a perfect person is, and are manipulating our society. We need to form our own ideas of perfection.

Simply put, our purpose in life is to have and raise the best children that we possibly can. How do we know that this is true? Look at our history. Whether you believe in the Genesis, or evolution, selective mating has led us to where we are today. According to Darwin, we are where we are because of selective mating, or as some call it, “natural selection.” Through a process known as gradualism, humans have changed and gained superiority throughout the years (Darwin 133-141). To this day we are merely keeping up the flow. Will humanity be the same a thousand years from now? Probably not. As Hazel and Trefil put it, “no species lasts forever; new species appear and old species become extinct (124-127).”

We need to make sure that the choices we make will turn us into better people. Next time you see that ad on television that has Regis Philbin guaranteeing you that his “Buns of Steel in 15 Minutes” video will make you a muscle man in three weeks, take a step back. Access the validity of his claim and realize that you don’t need “Buns of Steel” to be a better person. Maybe you’re different… maybe you’re special… and maybe, just maybe, you are unique (Mirrowitz 3-4).

Stop judging people based on society’s standards and make your own. Form your own opinions and defend them, be a majority of one. Do not let society have jurisdiction over your morals or individuality. Meet people and like people because you do, not because society, parents, and friends tell you to (Mill 366-367). Live for yourself, don’t hold back, have children, love and cherish them, but cherish yourself as well.

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December 7th, 2003
08:13 pm


OK OK You Win Annette
Drama Drama

Current Mood: apatheticapathetic

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December 3rd, 2003
12:50 pm


Feminist Quizzes... Weird being a guy and taking them.
Here Goes Nothing

you are greenyellow

Your dominant hues are green and yellow. There's no doubt about the fact that you think with your head, but you don't want to be seen as boring and want people to know about your adventurous streak now and again.

Your saturation level is higher than average - You know what you want, but sometimes know not to tell everyone. You value accomplishments and know you can get the job done, so don't be afraid to run out and make things happen.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
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December 1st, 2003
06:04 pm


Who Nose?
So I have decided that the longer the spacing in between my posts, the more interesting I will try to make my entries. On the same note, I’m sorry I haven’t been updating quite so regularly… I’ve been busy with things. Thanksgiving… tests… practicals coming up. I think it’s about time for me to become a miser and just study for a few days. Oh and the largest thing that is hanging over my head is the essay from hell… aka my life philosophy (mentor essay #5), a new addition to the mentor program which I will more than gladly post on LJ afterwards.

So for Thanksgiving I went up to my grandmothers with my brother… We had the usual dinner and I saw my cousin that I hadn’t seen in 5 years. She’s doing well. I also visited with Shiloah’s family some and went to see Timeline and Love Actually, both pretty good movies. Of course Timeline was better *grins* If you did see Love Actually, there were some super sad parts… Like the part when the wife is all excited about her Christmas present and then she finds out her husband is cheating on her… I could never cheat on someone… so sad. OK so enough with the summarizations.

The semester is coming to a close and I have no clue how I’m doing in mentor or chemistry. I really would appreciate knowing how the chemistry curve is going to be. But I guess that is Harper’s little secret. Or is it? I can’t wait to go home for Christmas… it will be such a relaxing time.

Yesterday was an exciting day for me… but not as exciting as the day before:0 Still another 16 days left in the bet, I am doing great. Soon I get my free dinner!! Hehe.

If you can’t tell by my unenthusiastic writing, I’m not in too good of a mood right now. Largely due to my chemistry and biology practicals and my fat essay, but mainly due to other things. The Prophecy got a bit longer over the weekend… which is surprising considering my current state of mind. But what can I say? I would encourage anyone who gets the chance to read my file, although it won’t be easy… huh Annette? I guard it with all my innocence *grins*.

What is the Prophecy you ask? Well… that’s a secret. Anyone who reads it will have immediate blackmail power over me for the rest of my life... and blackmail over a bunch of other people as well… watch out!! Annette knows the power of it. So now that I have you all wanting to read it, I am going to do as I always do and not let any of you read it… right Bri? hehe

This Saturday is the PhiDelt semiformal. If you were lucky enough to be invited, then I’ll see you there. If not then you can take my buddy Chris who still needs a date!!! Hah! I’m definitely looking forward to that event… and not only because it’s after all my tests!
It’s getting darker sooner… It’s getting colder… and I’m still being good.

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